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Hey there! I’m Thomas,

Innovation & Sustainability Specialist

Coming from rural beginnings in the beautiful Aotearoa, New Zealand, I am someone who is driven by a fiery passion for food, sustainability and people. These passions carried me through my academic career, culminating in a first-class masters degree in ‘Global Management and Innovation‘ from the University of Auckland. The momentum of which has never stopped, but increased and today I work in innovation and sustainability while exploring new opportunities and the world….


Studying my thesis on modern slavery in supply chains united with an existing interest in sustainability creating a infectious passion for ethical and sustainable sourcing.


To say I’m enthusiastic about food is an understatement. Whether cooking, baking, eating or working in a relevant industry I’m never far from food.


Focused on product and sustainability innovation, a ferocious curiosity and confident creativity help me thrive off the base of my academic foundations.

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