#04 Not so Little Blue Ball

Not so Little Blue Ball was at the time meant to be the conclusion to my sudden outburst of Snap-arting. A little known fact is that Procrastinat’n, Balcony, Tower, Wine and this piece were all created in the same day. This is commonly discussed as being the reason for the sightlier shabbier look of these pieces compared […]

#03 Balcony, Tower, Wine

  This piece was the beginning of attempts to increase the amount of detail used in my snap-art. Balcony, Tower, Wine was another turning point in the development of a constant habit of snap-arting. Although still basic and rushed in comparison to some later pieces this shows a marked increase in effort from Procrastinat’n and Finding Purpose.

Setting Up….

So the idea for this blog is pretty basic. Being a varsity student of the 21st Century I am very prone to procrastinating and as a result of this I have become very prone to spending certain amounts of time creating Snapchat artworks as of late. So I thought why not combine two forms of […]