#14 Loves me, Loves me Not

This one caused me a lot of grief. Upon finishing it I went and tapped save only for Snapchat to Crash. I checked my gallery however it appeared that I had lost it. It wasn’t until I checked the next day that I found that it had in fact saved. No one got to see […]

#11 Surviving the Night

This piece is one I like a lot. There are areas that I really want to spend more time on however due to a lack of time I had to rush the finish and skip over some of the finer details I wanted to achieve, however this snap was about experimenting with the portrayal of […]

#10 Royal Travel

  This piece exposes the luxurious lifestyle of our previous royal rulers… or something like that. Its also the first one that involves a photo taken by someone else. #Thisartjustbecomenolongerboundbyselfies.

#09 Charging the Castle

Charging the Castle is one that claimed a lot of debating time. Whether or not to include the helmet. Ultimately I decided to keep it in the final Snap despite its slightly awkward appearance. However I kept a copy of the Pre-Helm Snap which is also featured here today.

#07 A Simpler Time

This piece is one of my personal favourites. It was basic and developed as it went. There are areas I am not happy with looking back however and will likely inspire a revisit snap in the future.