#24 Dinosaur Day

So there is a T-Rex exhibition on at our local museum which myself and some fellow compatriots decided to check out. After extracting student priced tickets from the receptionist we found ourselves inside the dinosaurs’s cave, and it was friggen awesome. Upon exiting the exhibition we found ourselves in the gift store. And before long we […]

#23 Running from Pacman

This one marked the completion of my final Exams for 2014! Fun Story: The idea for it came from a doodle on the desk where I did my final exam. Wow that was such a fun story! Have a good day.

#20 A View from Atop a Wheel

I love Theme Park Piers, and I love Ferris Wheels. Visiting the Santa Monica Pier last year was one of the best nights of my life. I just think they’re so awesome. So yeah probably where the idea for this piece came from.

#19 Burning of the Witches

Last of the Halloween snaps. 3 days after Halloween but ah well. This was actually my Halloween day snap. Nothing bonds a village like a bit of ol witch hunting and everyone gathering around the pyre for a late night witch burning and marshmallow roasting.

#18 His Last Investigation

This one took way to long. The amount of shading and layers easy surpasses any of my other snaps. I love how it turned out but seriously questioning how much I dedicate to my procrastination’s. But this time we’re journeying to the cliche scary mansion, some sort of mystery and mysterious shadowy figure in the […]

#17 Run Away To……. From the Circus

I’ve never understood how at any stage in human history clowns could have ever been considered fun and happy instead of scary. Im not personally scared by them..  well..much… but there’s not much about them that goes to inspire happiness or fun. The idea of running off to join the circus is definitely been replaced with […]

#16 Ghost Ship Ahoy!

Although today would actually mark Halloween in order to post my snaps in order of creation I am only just posting my first Halloween Snap today. So this marks the first of a 4 Snap long Halloween specific special.