#29 Chasing Childhood

This Snap took quite a while so I was happy when I had finished and it was ready to send. But when I clicked send, Snapchat crashed. I hadn’t saved it yet as I was going to save it from my story (to avoid crashing ironically enough) and then when it crashed, in a mixture […]

#28 L-Rax

Haven’t had much time to Snapchat lately as I’ve been moving about but really happy with how this one turned out. Annoyingly I realised while uploading this one that I forgot to save another Snapchat I had made but Im not too gutted about that. Im so happy with this one that the loss of […]

#27 Democracy or Death

This Snap is something special. The robot featured in this piece was the absolute wonderful result of procrastination earlier this year. Sparked from an idea to build a robot out of cardboard when walking past some cardboard left for recycling in the street. Before long this over 6 foot tall robot had come into existence, […]