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Making a platter is something which has quickly become a real passion of mine. I gain a lot of joy from planning, purchasing and placing out a platter and even more from people enjoying the finished product. In my humble opinion, I have mastered the art of a standard cheese platter, so I am trying to get a little creative.

Inspiration struck after organising a board game evening, to make a platter designed after a board game for the evening’s nibbles. I began by searching the internet for something similar to get inspiration and came up surprisingly short of results. I did have a fun time viewing the innumerable amounts of boardgame inspired cakes though. So working from scratch I got out my notebook and got to sketching and imagining. There were a few key things I decided I needed to have:

  • Boardgame ’tiles’ or ‘squares’
  • Something recognisably a dice or spinner
  • Something resembling either cards or ‘events’
  • Game pieces
  • A start and finish

The reason I say I ‘needed’ these things is that for the platter to be successful, you had to look at it and immediately understand that it is a boardgame. These five elements are what I believe achieved that together. After reviewing previous platters of mine and searching for some new ideas I settled on my design.

With seeded cracker tiles, dip & olive ‘events’, a large brie spinner wheel, dark chocolate ‘pieces’ and a distinctive variety of fillers it came togeter.¬†Ultimately, really happy with how it all came together. Visually resembles a board game, shows a journey and had a balanced amount of savoury and sweet. Most importantly though: enough cheese!