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Who is Thomas?

Born in Nelson Tasman – Te Tai o Aorere, I had the privilege of growing up on, in & around farms, orchards and the natural beauty of Aotearoa, New Zealand. I choose to live by an optimisim & enthusiasm which define all the endeavours I embark on. I seek to seize opportunities, challenge myself, redefine my roles & always look for avenues to channel my creative expression.

I gained a Bachelor of Commerce in International Business & a Bachelor of Arts in Mandarin & International Relations from Victoria Univeristy of Wellington. Throughout which I regularly volunteered for university groups, charities & non-governmental organisations. I was elected Treasurer Secretary of the Victoria University of Wellington Students Association and served for a year in the role.

I later gained a Masters Degree in Global Management & Innovation at the University of Auckland. My thesis studied the recent global development of Modern Slavery Transparency Legislation through the lense of the United Kingdom Modern Slavery Act & similar pieces of legislation. Through my study I explored the efficiency of such transparency legislation in affecting material changes & reforms in multinational supply chains.

Currently I work in Innovation and am continuing to research and develop unpon my supply chain sustainability endeavours.

Management Experience:

Support & Call Centre

Restaurant & Bar

Organisational Events

Budget Management

Professional Experience:

Product Innovation


Process Innovation


Board Experience

Educational Experience:

Academic Research




Personal Experience:

Confident Leadership

Expressive Creativity


Public Speaking


Time Management

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