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About Me

Looking Local, Thinking Global

Hey there!

An Introduction

Born in Whakatū, Nelson, I had the joy of growing up on, in & around farms, orchards and the stunning beauty of Aotearoa, New Zealand. I’m someone who is eternally optimistic and always looking for a challenge. I bring a cheerful and innovative approach to all that I do. I absolutely love everything about food from cooking, eating or discussing subsequently it has become an exciting defining direction for my career.

Current Work & Future Ambitions

My studies combined with a pre-existing passion have lead me to a career path focused on sustainability. This is focused specifically through a lens of sustainable sourcing and food sustainability. Today I get to materialise this through my work at My Food Bag where I work on product innovation and manage the companies sustainability initiatives.

Modern Slavery

UK & AU Statements + Reporting


First-Class Master Degree

Global Management & Innovation

Sustainable Sourcing

Land to table food sustainability.

My Experience

Learn More About Me

? Academic History

Postgraduate: University of Auckland 
Masters with First Class-Honours in Global Management & Innovation

Undergraduate: Victoria Univeristy of Wellington
Bachelor of Commerce – International Business
Bachelor of Arts – Mandarin (Honours) & International Relations

? Thesis Topic

My masters thesis studied the efficiency of a recent international wave of modern slavery transparency legislation. The seminal pieces of legislation focused primarily on transparency within multinational supply chains. My thesis focused primarily on the UK Modern Slavery Act, California Transparency in Supply Chains Act and the Australian Modern Slavery Act.

Throughout my studies I became incredibly knowledgable on the requirements and standards for modern slavery and ethical supply chain reporting in the United Kingdom and Australia. Knowledge I have carried through to implementation in my career today.

⛓ Modern Slavery Expertise

My masters degree lit a fire within me, making the phenomenon of modern slavery one I not only care deeply about but wish to continue to influence. Subsequently, I continue to stay well-read on and study the latest academic papers, international legislation and news.

My area’s of expertise include:

    • Modern Slavery Statements – UK & AU
    • International Law on Modern Slavery – UN
    • Latest Scale Studies
    • Policy and legislation movements in the commonwealth


? Sustainability

Sustainability began as something I was simply passionate about, however, through studying modern slavery I realised it was where I wanted to steer my career. My work has provided me with experience in a wide degree of sustainability areas including, but not limited to:

  • Sustainable Sourcing
  • Sustainable Farming
  • Recycling Program Establishment
  • Sustainability Marketing & Comms Strategy
  • Carbon Emissions Tracking
  • Strategy Development
  • B2C Sustainability Issues


? Food Industry

My passion for food extends well beyond my day to day life into defining my career path. From humble beginnings growing up and working on farms/in farm shops, through management positions in the hospitality industry, to my current work in the meal kit industry.

I have in-depth and direct experience with food at every stage of the journey from farm to table which I have spent the last couple of years framing through a sustainabile and ethical sourcing lens.

? Innovation

I’ve always been someone who found new angles to look at interesting problems. This has manifested itself through work focused on product & process innovation.

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