#29 Chasing Childhood

This Snap took quite a while so I was happy when I had finished and it was ready to send. But when I clicked send, Snapchat crashed. I hadn’t saved it yet as I was going to save it from my story (to avoid crashing ironically enough) and then when it crashed, in a mixture […]

#28 L-Rax

Haven’t had much time to Snapchat lately as I’ve been moving about but really happy with how this one turned out. Annoyingly I realised while uploading this one that I forgot to save another Snapchat I had made but Im not too gutted about that. Im so happy with this one that the loss of […]

#27 Democracy or Death

This Snap is something special. The robot featured in this piece was the absolute wonderful result of procrastination earlier this year. Sparked from an idea to build a robot out of cardboard when walking past some cardboard left for recycling in the street. Before long this over 6 foot tall robot had come into existence, […]

E-1 Return of Godzilla and Pirates

  I hadn’t had much time to do any Snapchatting lately so whilst lapping up the approaching summer sun I decided to snap a little. I decided Snaps like this deserve a little sub category here as they barely compare to the other Snaps but they’re fun to make and I like them. Also I […]

#26 Puppetzilla

For what ever reason my Snaps recently have taken quite a movie focus. Its also safe to say that I think our puppet friend here will be making his way into many more Snaps.

#25 How to Train Your Snapchat

Unsurprisingly this Snap is inspired by the most wonderful movie series How to Train your Dragon  and this one has easily claimed itself as one of my favourite Snaps so far. Partially because I friggen love how the sheep turned out and also Toothless in the background.